Web Portal / Control Panel

Role and context based, full featured, easy to use, centralized management control panel for Providers, Partners (Resellers) and Customers

Product Modeling

Utilizes a single Billing architecture to support prepaid-postpaid convergence with a single set of integrated products


Discounts for global or specific Accounts, Offers, and Orders, Flexible packaging and pricing plan models

Usage / Rating

Usage, call rating, and network elements. Self-adjustable rating rules allows support for frequent and/or rapid change of rate plans

Billing / Invoicing

Multi-level customer hierarchies to reflect budget centers with corporate invoicing schema. Review, manipulate, customize, and export invoice

Payment and Reconciliation

Payment reconciliation and history, integration with credit management systems.

GENBILL Services maximizes the value of your Sonus billing solution by offering comprehensive consulting, training and support services through all stages of the application life-cycle. From strategic planning, implementation, and knowledge transfer to application management, support, and enhancements, GENBILL Services helps ensure your investment in billing solutions is closely aligned with your business objectives.

These are GENBILL Billing System's minimum service requirements.

  • GENBILL Billing Server
  • Sonus CDR files
  • Sonus Ingress/Egress Trunks infrastructure

We charge a minimum of $200 per month which covers up to 200 users and includes free tech support and free software updates.

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